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An Award Winning Team

Small Business Innovation Research Grant

The Hollywood GrooveTM team began work in 2005 under a research grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant led to an invitation to the Innovation Program at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, in 2011.

Hollywood GrooveTM is a team of education, psychology, and IT specialists dedicated to providing research-based collaborative literary games with a humorous tone.

Our Goal

Our work is founded on the principles of reading motivation.   Our games are an exploration into literary concepts such as character, plot, and setting.   We provide practice in visualizing, brainstorming, and making connections between concepts.

Our games are not designed for scoring points.  Rather, we encourage imaginative play that may stimulate creative thinking.  We encourage a supportive environment filled with laughter.

We strive to aid families, teachers, and groups who seek a variety of language arts activities.

Innovation Program at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS)

The Hollywood GrooveTM team wishes to thank the the Bachelors of Innovation Program participants at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs for having confidence in this project.

Privacy Policy

To protect young players, our apps never include in-app purchases or ads.

Our apps do not collect, transmit or share any information from users.

There are no log-in features.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to our graphics design consultants: Shirley Hopkins, John Keitel, Kolton Durkin, Paula Saracki, and Kerry LaCoste.


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SBIR grant organization: Active Artz