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Acting Without a Script

Improv Theater Games

Hollywood GrooveTM improv games are designed for all ages. Our improv games guide players in creating and performing short, humorous scenes on the spot. Improv provides a fun forum for learning to listen carefully, collaborate and communicate verbally.

Each game has a goal and a few rules. For example, the goal of Get the Phone is to create a phone conversation on the spot. The players may take a moment to immerse in an imaginary setting and let a character emerge. Then, the players let a story unfold. The story unfolds as each player contributes to the plot. Players build an interesting plot by adding problems, twists, and humor. Humor can be found by exploring the unusual or exaggerated aspects of people, places, or things.

Fun for the Family

Improv is especially fun for families. The pressure to perform for peers is removed. The home environment can be supportive and silly. The mix of ages allows older players to encourage younger players. The role-model can use the young players as a supporting cast, feeding them ideas to help bring them into the scene. Each age group will bring their own unique level of knowledge to the game.

Fun for School and Groups

Improv is a forum for building literary and communication skills. There are opportunities to listen, respond, brainstorm, and make connections between new concepts and past experiences. We encourage teachers to role-model improv activities, while thinking aloud about the process of improv. We encourage teachers to provide a supportive, humorous environment. Even if teachers have no experience with improv, we encourage them to role model how to learn this new skill. With the help of our tips and great resources on the web, teachers should feel free to explore this creative activity.

It is important to know that some scenes can fail. Failure is part of the learning process. Find laughter in a great failure. Indulge in humorous, imaginative play. Let go of the fear of failure.

Story Structure: The Character, Setting and Plot

Hollywood GrooveTM improv games offer an opportunity to build a story. Our players can explore their characters, imaginary settings, and the events of the plot. A typical improv scene may begin with players conveying information about the relationship between the two characters. Next, they may explore and immerse in the imaginary setting. In exploring the setting, the characters may use their pantomime skills to interact with imaginary objects around them. The middle of the scene may explore the events of the plot. The events may include problems, twists, and surprises. The end of the scene may convey a resolution to the problems.

If building the beginning, middle, and end of a story is too challenging, then players can simply concentrate on listening and responding to their partners. With practice, the scenes can take on more structure.

Modify Improv Games

Improv can be challenging. It is difficult to create and perform at the same time. So, our games can be modified to allow players to plan their scenes, or even use the game for skit writing activites. To allow scene planning, give out the game premises in advance by cycling through the game buttons.

The timer is adjustable. Turn the volume down to ignore the timer.

Most Hollywood GrooveTM improv games are designed for two players. However, the games can be modified to suit larger groups, or even single players. Larger groups may all work on the same game premise. Single players may develop monologue improv scenes.

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