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Lazy Apes

An Adventure in Voice-Over

It's cartoon voice-over for kids! Ages 4-7 may enjoy it most. In this game, players create a voice-over recording for a short, humorous cartoon. The main character is a lazy ape.

First, a player watches the cartoon with the voice provided by a professional voice actor. Then, the player reads the script and creates a voice recording. Next, the player's voice is inserted into the cartoon.

The game provides kids with a reading role-model, an opportunity to rehearse a short script, and a chance to produce an expressive reading of the script.

The drawing activities are available after the reading activities. Drawing activities are a forum for visualizing, making connections between life and the text, and making inferences about the cartoon.

Hollywood GrooveTM voice-over games follow the guidelines provided by the National Reading Panel for reading fluency improvement.

This app provides practice in phonemic awareness for the long a sound (multiple spellings of the sound).

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Cover A humorous cartoon.
Sample Image A voice-over game.
Sample Image Drawing activities.
Sample Image Record your voice.