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Mime! Sing! Dance!

An Adventure in Improv

Create a short scene in three different ways: mime, song, and dance. Two players create a short mime scene. Then, they immediately create the same scene in song. Finally, they create the same scene in dance!

Players must listen and watch one another to work together.

It may be best to keep the plot simple! These scenes are only 30 seconds long. Anyone can mime, sing or dance for 30 seconds. Be fearless! Our theater games encourage laughter and silliness.

The game is for pairs or single player monologues.

The timer is set for 30 seconds by default. The timer is adjustable.

Our announcer provides a helpful cue to mime, sing, or dance.

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Cover A humorous plot idea.
Sample Image An improv game.
Sample Image The adjustable timer.
Sample Image Another humorous plot idea.