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Off to Work

An Adventure in Improv

Players create a humorous scene between two characters in the workplace. Players will be given a workplace and a work task. These workplaces are unusual!

Players perform the scene on the spot.

The players create a scene together as they listen and respond to each other. Both players contribute ideas to the plot.

Improv gives everyone a chance to practice verbal communication and listening.

The game is played in pairs.   The timer can be set for short or long scenes.

As players gain skills, they can strive to perform interesting scenes with problems, twists, and humor.

It is a fun forum for visualizing, brainstorming, and collaborating.

Our theater games encourage storytelling.

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Off To Work Cover A workplace premise.
Off To Work Sample Image A workplace improv.
Off To Work Sample Image The timer is adjustable.
Off To Work Sample Image Another premise.