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Privacy Policy

To protect young players, our apps do not include in-app purchases. We do not include ads.

Our apps do not collect any user data. There are no log-in features.

Our apps do not collect, transmit, or share any user information.

Need Help?

I don't know how to restart my IPad.

IPad Link: IPad Restart

I don't know how to delete the app and reload it from the app store.

Once you delete an app, you will not have to purchase it again when you reload it. It will be free to reload. Press on the app icon and hold it until all the app icons shake. Press the X on the app to delete. To reload, go to the App Store selecting it.
IPad Link: IPad Delete App

I can't record voices into the voice-over acting scripts.

This issue is related to the new iOS7 privacy settings. Please check the settings on your device by going to SETTINGS, selecting PRIVACY, and selecting MICROPHONE. Ensure the control is turned ON for Hollywood Groove Apps.

Do the apps record video?

The first versions of the apps do not record video. To keep the price low, this feature is not included in the early versions. Use your phone to record and post your video to our Instagram account: iHollywoodGroove. It can be helpful for beginners to play the games without recording video. For some, recording scenes may hamper creativity. For those who are comfortable with theater games, we encourage you to post your scenes. We'll have our Instagram site enhanced soon. We're eager to see you there!

Will Hollywood GrooveTM be on social media sites?

The Hollywood GrooveTM team is intent on launching social media so that we can interact with our new community. We are working on those efforts now.

Are Hollywood GrooveTM games different from typical games?

Hollywood GrooveTM games focus on laughter, group play, collaborating, creative thinking, listening and communicating. They do not focus on scoring points. The players must communicate with one another. The players do not quietly stare at a screen. Research shows that many of us may benefit from spending less time quietly staring at a screen. Therefore, we encourage everyone to meet face to face, talk, and play!

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