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Learning Through The Arts

Pantomime Games

Hollywood GrooveTM pantomime theater games present a fun forum for exploring background knowledge, visualizing, brainstorming, and making connections between concepts.

Improvisation Games

Hollywood GrooveTM improv theater games present a fun forum for enhancing verbal communication and listening skills, as well as exploring background knowledge, visualizing, and brainstorming. Some players may take the opportunity to begin to explore story structure, as they strive to create the beginning, middle, and end to an improvised scene.

Voice-Over Games

Hollywood GrooveTM voice-over adventures present an opportunity to learn and practice voice-over acting and reading fluency. The goal is to produce a phrase, fluent reading for a character. Our voice-over games were designed to follow the guidelines provided by the National Reading Panel for reading fluency improvement.


Hollywood GrooveTM theater games focus on storytelling. As players practice improvising stories, they may become more comfortable with creative tasks. As players begin to seek out great stories, they set forth on a never-ending journey. Many of our games can be used as bedtime stories in which the story is created by you and your child.


Hollywood GrooveTM theater games are perfect for a non-competitive environment. Our games are intended for play in a supportive environment. We encourage players to feel free to be spontaneous. Failure is a natural part of learning.


Hollywood GrooveTM theater games provide an opportunity to collaborate with a partner. Many of our games are designed for two players. This is the perfect opportunity to listen carefully and respond to a partner. This may be more difficult than it seems. With practice, players can collaborate and build stories together.

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