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Reading with Expression

An Adventure in Cartoon Voice-Over

Hollywood GrooveTM voice-over games are designed for players who wish to bring a cartoon character to life. The games guide players in performing a short cartoon voice-over performance. Our cartoon plots are humorous. The goal is to produce to phrased, fluent, and expressive reading.

Listen, Rehearse, Watch, and Draw

Each voice-over game provides a reading role-model. The reading role-model is a professional voice actor. The player has the opportunity to listen to the role-model, and then rehearse the script in order to produce a similar expressive reading. Once a recording is made, the player can view the cartoon which will now include the new audio track. Players can redo the recording to make improvements. Once the cartoon is produced, players can go deeper into the role by opening the drawing activities. The drawing activities will encourage detailed thinking about the character, setting, and plot.

Our voice-over games were designed to follow the guidelines provided by the National Reading Panel for reading fluency improvement.

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